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Get High Quality Lawn Care in Matthews with No Contracts

Locally-Owned Business
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Locally-Owned Business

Your lawn is not one among thousands. We prioritize a personal approach to all lawn care to control our work quality and ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Quality Control
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Quality Control

We use the newest technologies to continuously assess any issue with your lawn so that it is adequately addressed and remediated.

Lawn Care in Matthews

Managing a lawn—along with the accompanying ornamental trees and shubs—might as well be a fulltime job. At FineTurf, we take lawn care off your hands so you can put your time where you really want to. On top of this, we offer no contracts as well as a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service. 

Our lawn care in Matthews include services such as: 

  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Aeration and Overseeding
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Lawn Renovation
  • Grub Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Disease Control
  • And more!


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The Best from a Family-Owned Company

We don’t tend to your yard like some huge lawn care companies. We’re family-owned and operated, and take pride in being neighborly and accountable to you. Unlike many lawn care companies, we dedicate a lawn care technician to your landscape, which means you’ll get to know them, while they get to know you and your yard. The results are both higher quality personal interactions with you and higher quality lawn care.

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Lawn Care Free of Contracts

At FineTurf, we want to be good neighbors. And we know what a hassle binding contracts and recurring payments can be. Once you’re locked in, you can really feel trapped! We operate without contracts so you can stay flexible with your time and money. Schedule us when it’s convenient for you!

Fertilization in Matthews

Our fertilization programs are the primary way we serve the Matthews community. We will visit your lawn multiple times in the spring, summer, and fall to apply fertilizer based on the seasonal needs of your turf. Along with water and sunshine, fertilizer plays a key role in your grass for standing out. 

When you trust our lawn fertilization in Matthews, you can bank on:

  • 7-11 fertilizer applications a year, depending on the plan.
  • Soil tests to pinpoint exactly what your grass needs.
  • A technician dedicated to your lawn.
  • Free service calls.
  • Weed control.
  • Grub control.
  • Lime treatments.
  • Professional and proactive communication from the FineTurf team.
  • A lawn you can’t stop admiring.

You will notice a difference in your yard after the first fertilizer treatment. And the full effect of this attentive lawn care reveals itself after a year on the program. We know real results take time.

Weed Control in Matthews

Weeds detract from the curb appeal of your lawn drastically. Our technicians will perform regular inspections to determine what invasive species are at work on your lawn, then develop targeted weed control formulas to eradicate them.

When you partner with FineTurf for weed control in Matthews, you can expect:

  • Pre-emergent treatments that stop weeds from even germinating.
  • Regular visual inspection during fertilizer treatments.
  • Targeted post-emergent weed control.
  • Child- and pet-safe products that are tough on weeds, but don’t endanger loved ones.

With FineTurf, you hardly have to lift a finger to have any present weeds in your lawn taken care of. Chances are, our technicians will already be on it!

Get Rid of Weeds in Your Lawn

Mosquito Control in Matthews

No one likes swatting at mosquitoes when you just want to enjoy your outdoor spaces—especially during North Carolina’s lovely evenings. As if being a nuisance isn’t bad enough, they also present health threats to humans because they are known to carry diseases such as West Nile Virus. FineTurf’s mosquito control in Matthews helps protect you and your neighbors from the disruption they can cause.

Our quality mosquito control includes:

  • An inspection from one of our experienced technicians.
  • Targeted mosquito treatment in key areas where these pests breed and rest.
  • Custom advice on how you can make your lawn less appealing to these pests. 

Professional mosquito control is a simple way to regain the pleasure of your outdoor spaces while also protecting your family.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Matthews

Caring for trees and shrubs requires a mountain of specific knowledge. With FineTurf, you don’t have to be an arborist to have ornamentals that accentuate your lawn and home.

We offer tree and shrub care in Matthews that:

  • Fertilizes your woody plants.
  • Prevents and combats disease.
  • Stops parasitic insects from harming your trees.

By conducting 6-7 fertilization applications a year, we will ensure your trees and shrubs receive the nutrients they require. Keeping your ornamentals well fed like this also best prepares them to fend off disease and pests on their own. At FineTurf, we know the best time to handle any issue is before it’s even a problem.

Lawn Disease Control in Matthews

You invest time, money, and effort into your yard so it thrives and increases the curb appeal of your home. But a case of Brown Patch disease in the heat of summer can quickly put the kibosh on a healthy lawn, turning it dry and brown. We understand the frustration that comes with lawn disease, and that’s why our lawn technicians offer services that prevent this fungus from gaining a foothold and help your grass recover from disease.

When you choose FineTurf for lawn disease control in Matthews, we will:

  • Inspect your lawn to pinpoint the problem.
  • Formulate a custom treatment plan that heals and protects your lawn.
  • Treat your turf with targeted and family-safe products.
  • Back our work with our satisfaction guarantee.
  • Equip you with simple methods of protecting your lawn from future fungal disease.
  • Deliver great service free of binding contracts.

Our highly trained lawn care technicians can easily diagnose fungal disease and lay out the best paths to reviving your grass. Better yet, our preemptive fungicide treatments protect your turf from the threat of lawn disease so you can admire a green and healthy yard all season.

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5 Star Review

Just completed our first full year with FineTurf and the results have been outstanding. The commutation and reporting details are timely and concise. Like others, we've used the major companies in the past with a disappointing outcome. Thanks to Brandon and his team for being dialed in.

William Joseph
5 Star Review

I highly recommend Branden and Fine Turf for your lawn care needs!

Mike Tiddy
5 Star Review

My yard was a mess. Totally overgrown with clover and other weeds. Branden managed to make it it beautiful. He is also very knowledgable and responsive to any questions you may have via email.

Nicholas Prendergast

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