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Aeration and Overseeding, Charlotte, NC

Best Aeration & Overseeding Services for a Thick & Green Lawn.

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Our lawn aeration and overseeding process creates a thicker and healthier lawn. 

Our Lawn Aeration and Overseeding Will Revive Your Lawn

Our process alleviates soil compaction to drive oxygen, nutrients, and water deeper into the root zone. To make sure your lawn looks fantastic, once the aeration is done, we apply high-quality seed at the correct rate to ensure that your lawn grows thicker and healthier.


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What Clients Say About our Lawn Care Service

Totally pleased with FineTurf. Very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone looking to keep their grass looking great all year long!”

Marcie Kelliher

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We have received so many compliments this year on our lawn. Branden was even able to get grass growing in our semi-shaded backyard. He's very professional, responsive, and priced well.”

Zach Spencer

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I have used FineTurf for my lawn for more than 3 years and I am very pleased. Branden is very attentive to my lawn. He uses high-quality products and is very careful as to the weather conditions when he applies them. My lawn looks the best it has ever looked.”

Lindsay Browning

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Full Aeration & Overseeding Services in NC

Our lawn aeration and the overseeding process will benefit your lawn. As your soil condition worsens from environmental stresses and human and animal activity, it is essential to take the right steps to revitalize your soil. Healthy soil is the canvas to keep your grass healthy and thriving.

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Our Aeration Process

Grass roots need air, water, and nutrients to grow thick and strong. Compaction prevents the penetration of the essential elements in the soil.

Our aeration process pulls small plugs of soil to the surface and creates holes in the ground to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the root system. Our trained lawn care technician will aerate your lawn in early spring or early fall.

Our aeration process offers many benefits to your lawn:

  • Alleviate soil compaction

  • Drive oxygen into the root zone

  • Deeper and denser root growth development

  • Nutrient uptake optimization

  • Decreased water runoff 

  • Improved moisture retention

  • Increase resistance to disease

Our Overseeding Process

Once the lawn has been aerated, we will seed your lawn with high-quality grass seed at the proper rate. We will hand seed around landscape beds, mailboxes, and other hard to reach areas of your lawn.

Not every lawn has the same aeration and overseeding needs. Our team of experienced lawn professionals can make the proper adjustments to each lawn’s scope of work. Therefore, get in touch with us and claim your free estimate.

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Why Are We Different?
  • A dedicated lawn care technician takes care of your aeration and overseeding needs. You know when and who will be on your property.

  • We ensure the optimum amount of passes over the lawn with our aerators based on the lawn density, severity of compaction, and seeding needs.

  • The right equipment is used appropriately for each lawn – Stand-on machines for large lawns and walk-behind machines for small lawns.

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  • All landscape beds, driveways, and walkway edges are hand-seeded for consistent results.

  • Our aeration and overseeding process includes a starter fertilizer with key nutrients to boost your lawn's needs.

  • We provide you with very detailed watering instructions to help the seed establish quickly.

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