About Us

About FineTurf Lawn Care

Our family-owned lawn care company has the passion and programs to turn an average lawn into something you will love. 

Based on years of experience in the residential market and golf-course industry in the Charlotte, NC area, we developed proprietary programs, processes, and unique know-how to create spectacular lawns.


We Are About Transparency and Follow-Up

As an independent company that is not part of any franchise, we ensure transparency with clear communication and careful schedule management for the best customer experience.

The Best Local Lawn Care Pros, Doing the Right Thing

Only one dedicated and qualified lawn care technician will take care of your lawn to guarantee proper treatment and stringent follow-up on problem-solving measures. 

As all our treatment plans are customized to address specific issues, your lawn care technician will tailor their approach based on soil analysis, visual inspection, and results achieved from previous treatments.

With FineTurf, there will not be a new person on your property for every treatment.

Your Lawn is Our Passion

"After I maintained and managed some of the country’s top private golf courses in my previous professional experience, I founded FineTurf, a specialty local lawn care company.

The idea was to transfer that exclusive and dependable lawn care touch to homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area.

Today, we utilize the skills, know-how, and great attention to detail that I learned at the most exclusive private golf courses to provide the most professional and affordable service to our residential clients."

- Branden Rheinschmidt, Owner

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5 Star Review

Branden takes great care to see that his clients are satisfied with his services.

Diane Russo
Main Office
5 Star Review

Fine Turf’s Branden does a great job taking care of my lawn. His local firm far out performs the national firms! I highly recommend him!

Norman Gunn
Main Office
5 Star Review

Fineturf did exactly what they said they said and did great work.

Chris Paladino
Main Office